The mysteries of life will soon be unveiled

Getting closer to Nature will give us tremendous opportunities, including healing diseases through the change of DNA. A wonderful talk by Louie Schwartzberg found on TEDnews.

A revolution is on its way

Changing the system together. We found this on Upworthy.

Ignorance is NOT bliss when it comes to saving our lives on the planet

We better spend some time reading and debating over a few essential issues. Provoke a discussion by sharing this video.

Using Facebook has some secret features

Being connected to loads of people is great and at the same time could be quite bugging. It's worth the share.

Life is cruel sometimes, but you can always keep a savior at home

There are some creatures that trust and love us unconditionally.

Get ready to be introduced to… The Meaning of Life!

Some people believe in gods, some people believe in energy, some believe in Universe... Do other people's beliefs confuse you? Have you found what to believe in?

A simple and lifechanging explanation

This is what you, your parents and your children need to know. And of course - your friends also need to know this. So please share :)

A coffee cup gives shelter to thousands of people

When a disaster stroke and ruined loads of people's homes, there was one person who came up with a wonderful idea while drinking his coffee. May your positive Reaction be the sharing of this video.

Some veeery, very bad stuff happen to little girls

Education takes crucial part in this issue. Make a difference by visiting ItOnlyTakesaGirl.

Who will lead the change?

The change has already begun. We are the turning point. WakeUp and make history.

What if you never saw a health worker in your life?

A billion people never do. But it is possible for everyone, everywhere, to be able to see a health worker when needed. This animation is made in support of the Global Health Workforce Alliance (GHWA). If you feel like a health worker is someone very important, please share!

If you are not much of a shopping monster…

...Why not use a 3D printer for clothes? See more at OpenKnit and OpenKnit - open source knitting.

Let’s change the way we think about food

Michael Pollan gave some important Food Rules and then Marija Jacimovic and Benoit Detalle made an animation based on those rules so we can get them easily.

The future of tomorrow is being created now

See how boys and girls are inspired by learn-by-doing curriculum to study programming and robotics. Share if you think the world needs more places like STEM Center USA.

The wealthy are dependent on the poor

If  we want to reduce poverty, we need to think different about it. Feel free to share.

Do you have enough time for everything?

Sometimes we should just stop the rush and enjoy the moment, otherwise the moment goes away forever. Carpe diem. Share if you've enjoyed.

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