Support for farmers and better economy!

This is why people need to invest in agriculture. Do you agree?

I suggest you take a precious tip from Jamie Oliver

Adults and children die of obesity. Not only in America. They could've been still alive if they were well educated about food. If you know someone who needs to be educated, do share.

The good news today: we can clean the oceans!

Watch Boyan Slat explain how soon this could happen and how profitable it is.

Leonardo DiCaprio is talking. Please listen.

This issue is quite real and concerns every single one of us. Hit the share buttons if you care.

These look fancy!

Some fashion trends of tomorrow. Do you think your friends might be keen on them?

A generation running to extremes

Think. Act. Change. ...And watch Samsara.

Tell us your story

Laura Bates founded the Everyday Sexism Project to help women raise their voice. You can share your story, too. You can also help by raising awareness.

Are you prepared to evolve?

Mother Earth, spoken by Julia Roberts, and you in a private conversation. Do you care?

The bell tolls. Leonardo DiCaprio appeals to us – it’s time to do something.

Let's all unite in this crucial and quite difficult cause. Your friends will join too if you share this video.

These two girls have some powerful poetry to share

This beautiful alliance bursts religious patterns. If this matches your own point of view, follow Aminah Iro and Hannah Halpern. More meaningful word art at Brave New Voices.

Morgan Freeman calls for action

He will inspire you to get informed and act now. For the climate, for the Earth, for us. Do yourself a favour and takepart.

Guys, Emma Watson wants to have a word with you about feminism

Feminism is not a bad thing and has nothing to do with hating men. Feminism is simply about gender equality. It is time for every man to stand by his beloved women - mother, sister, daughter, wife. You can join the HeForShe movement and invite your family and friends.

The mysteries of life will soon be unveiled

Getting closer to Nature will give us tremendous opportunities, including healing diseases through the change of DNA. A wonderful talk by Louie Schwartzberg found on TEDnews.

A revolution is on its way

Changing the system together. We found this on Upworthy.

Ignorance is NOT bliss when it comes to saving our lives on the planet

We better spend some time reading and debating over a few essential issues. Provoke a discussion by sharing this video.

Using Facebook has some secret features

Being connected to loads of people is great and at the same time could be quite bugging. It's worth the share.

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