The price of my happiness is much lower

Are you sure you're not living a bad dream, designed by yourself? Do the click, make a change.

We are all playing a dangerous Tetris game

See this very simple explanation of climate change. Even a child could get it! Share it to a Tetris fan :)

Cheeper, friendlier homes by Dan Phillips

He is a builder and he uses reclaimed and recycled materials. In this talk he touches upon low-tech design, brand-mania, Nietzsche and the reconnection with who we really are.

He has a reason to be happy – he makes a change

We should learn from people like this. Visit and share Sandwich Me In.

Why doesn’t TV promote flushness

It's real and it's ours.

He found balance between work and real life

Be wise, have faith. Ricardo Semler puts wisdom in work, life and school.

Who can make you feel productive and positive at your job

The perfect environment is provided by good people and good leaders

This is mating on a higher level

A talk over crowd sourcing.

Oops! I made my life better by accident

Do it every day and you will find happiness. If you fear mistakes or know people who do - please share.

Live now, die later

Dieting is out of fashion.

Do you feel beautiful?

If you still haven't, now is the time to reconsider your trust in ads. I bet you know someone who would like to see this.

Curiosity helped the cat learn how to fly

See what moves humanity forward.

New homes for refugees

Some people imagine a life in refugees' shoes and come up with wonderful ideas.

Interaction is what you need

Stephen Fry gives some good ideas of how to be succsessful in life. Some of my favorite parts are about Ego, sharing and what makes life exciting.

Do you believe what you see?

This guy managed to find support in funding his great project. It's definitely worth the watch.

For those who’d like to go home

Your home is not simply your country, your town or the flat you live in. The world is not simply you, your family and your job. There are people trying to destroy your home, there are others trying to preserve it. Which side do you take? Watch and share HOME.

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