Why antibiotics fuck up things for you and the world

The excessive use of antibiotics makes bacteria super resistant and a threat much more serious. Please, this needs to be seen and shared by more people.

How sugar affects the brain – like drugs?

Sugar has an unique way of making us crave more sugar. If you think people should know about this, share.

If you believe in complicated solutions to simple problems, you should see this

A few tools plus some brains can save the day for thousands... Share this if you care :)

How wolves destroy nature… by not being there

I understand if you don't like wolves, that can hunt you down and kill you in the wild. But predators also have a role in balancing the wonderful world of nature. If you found this as inspiring as I did, let other people see it too.

What motivates us – the awesome study

It turns out money is not the greatest motivation out there. Share so people no longer fall for the money-is-best-motivation myth!

Gross National Happiness

This video speaks for itself and I wont spoil the pleasure of watching it with comments... If you like the idea and think it's worth a try, share it.

The founder of KhanAcademy.org in a great TED talk

Salman Khan founded KhanAcademy.org, the best place to learn math and other sciences online. See how all this happened. If you like Khan or his academy, share so others can learn about it too.

60 seconds can change some of the bad stuff you do

How about a different example to give next time? Worth a share.

Why is there no empathy in heaven?

The story of Empathy and why you're born with it, it's worth the watch. And also worth a share on the way to a better world.

Amanda Palmer is my new music hero

A whole new way of sharing music - a glimpse of the future of art from TED. You you don't think we should allow publishers to keep most of the money artists make while being obsolete in the Internet era, share.

I hope my 13-year old kid hacks his school in the same way

This 13-year old amazing TED speaker will blow your mind with simple truths you have been ignoring all along. If you want more kids like him, share the message :)

Wonder why children crave McDonalds food?

All parents should know what's in this great TED video about aggressive food marketing, and their kids too. If you know someone, who should see this, share it :)

I bet you never saw leadership like this guy – and you should

Leadership and the magic of life in this great TED video. If this inspired you, pay it forward with a share.

If this doesn’t move you, you’re made of stone

Life Vest Inside made this gem - Kindness Boomerang If this touched you, share it :) Ако това ви накара да се чувствате добре, споделете го :)

Why schools kill creativity in the first place

This is the most watched TED video of all time - for a reason. A great talk about the problems in education, full of wisdom and humor. You can share if you think the education system needs a change.

I doesn’t take a lot to create hope where there was none

(Right after Sandy hurricane) Found on Quora. Sometimes it takes just a small effort to make the big difference for someone. Always make it. Share this message if you like it.

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