For less than 18 minutes he will tell you how it all began

You may not know what collective intelligence is but you are part of it.

Equal access for women in agriculture

Equal rights in agriculture sector for all. Which means more food for all.

You have eyes but you can’t really see

She hides a secret weapon.  

Jim Carrey’s getting serious

He inspires in a minute! If you know people who don't love their jobs, do share this.

Happiness starts by loving yourself

Turn your vulnerability into an advantage.  

What kids know about our food habits

Can we make good choices about our food habits?

Take part in that social movement for gender and sex equality

Do you know a woman who had suffered just because of her gender?┬áSee why you should go feminist.  

Here are some secrets you might want to use

Good ideas sometimes need to persuade well to be succsessful.

A version of how cigarettes became popular

Are you cool enough to quit?

The truth about the economic growth

The wealth of a nation can scarcely be inferred from a measure of it's national incomes.

How can wood contribute for more sustainable future

Renewable resoures can be replenished in our lifetime. Go less waste for sustainable future.

This idea is awesome and might freak you out

A very nice couple invented some very important part of the future. I had great fun :) If you did too, share.

Support for farmers and better economy!

This is why people need to invest in agriculture. Do you agree?

I suggest you take a precious tip from Jamie Oliver

Adults and children die of obesity. Not only in America. They could've been still alive if they were well educated about food. If you know someone who needs to be educated, do share.

The good news today: we can clean the oceans!

Watch Boyan Slat explain how soon this could happen and how profitable it is.

Leonardo DiCaprio is talking. Please listen.

This issue is quite real and concerns every single one of us. Hit the share buttons if you care.

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